Welcome to the OPNids documentation & wiki project! The documentation is work in progress and is updated frequently. If you would like to contribute in anyway, please take a look at our guide how to Contribute.


Welcome to OPNids’s documentation!

OPNids® is an open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-build next generation Intrusion Detection System (IDS), that represents the first integration of Suricata Signature Inspection with a Machine Learning Scripting Engine (MLE).

OPNids includes most of the features available in expensive commercial Intrusion Detection Systems and more in many cases. The inclusion of the Machine Learning Scripting Engine represents innovation to the open source community by allowing a pathway forward for the Data Science Security Analyst to take advantage of today’s mature and robust Suricata based network detection engine while experimenting with machine learning threat models on the industry’s first Open Source Machine Learning Scripting Engine.

Mission Statement

The mission of the community is to promote access and collaboration with the OPNids Machine Learning Engine (MLE) platform, to stimulate the development and deployment of sophisticated machine learning models addressing cybersecurity issues.

The OPNids MLE community is a place for all enthusiasts and professionals, with an interest in both data science and cybersecurity, to explore, experiment, and exchange ideas that will enhance the effectiveness of cybersecurity detection and response everywhere.